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We understand that bringing on an agency as a new business partner is part of a larger business plan. We'll collaborate with you to ensure that your new website and marketing plan enables you to reach and exceed your company's goals and objectives.

How we do it

Analysis & Reporting

We look at the broad picture when it comes to assessing performance, reporting on the effectiveness of our services, and providing ideas on which to expand your business. We evaluate not just 'what' the findings are, but also 'why' they are. Although a 500 percent return on investment may encourage some agencies to "keep doing what we're doing," our approach is whether we can get a 600 percent return. If so, how? We constantly evaluate our performance and do not just react when things do not go as planned. We take a proactive approach and always fine-tune the services we offer since 'best practices can always be improved!

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Business Strategy

To gain an in-depth understanding of your brand, customers’ needs, and business goals, our digital consultants work with your team members to identify KPIs for further assessment and evaluation of what strategic, long-term online success looks like for your business. We focus on solutions and design a unique service that offers maximum impact and effectiveness while adhering to your company's budgets, resources, and goals.

Ecommerce Management

Failure to effectively manage an e-commerce site may be expensive, especially if it leads to downtime, technical issues, order-warehouse integration, or pricing errors since these can have an instant impact on both sales and consumer loyalty. Unfortunately, spending the effort to maintain your site might divert your team's attention away from the day-to-day operations of your company. That is why we manage all of this for our clients to ensure that each site is operating at optimum performance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

ecommerce websites
ecommerce website designers

Training & Workshops

If we can teach you something new that will save you time and money, we will! We promote information exchange both inside our organization and with our clients. Every month, we hold several internal training sessions for all employees, which our clients are welcome to attend. We also provide specialized private training across all of our services to organizations and people to share our expert knowledge. Our approach is hands-on, and each session is tailored to the participants to ensure that they leave with skills that can be implemented right away, rather than just knowledge.

We Specialize it

Magento Development

Magento is one of the world's most reputable and scalable eCommerce systems, and it is our preferred platform for high-volume, fully-integrated, omnichannel eCommerce shops.

Many of the world's greatest companies, like Nike, Ford, Nestle Nespresso, Christian Louboutin, and Samsung, use Magento to power their online retail operations - and we're specialists in it. We create and maintain Magento and Magento 2.0 stores for the world's most successful online retailers. We are professionals at integrating Magento with other business systems to make customer, payment, order, and delivery management as streamlined and efficient as possible. Effective system integration may help organizations eliminate common and costly e-commerce issues, allowing them to enhance the overall customer experience. Magento is a powerful platform in this area, thanks to a large number of high-quality extensions and technologies available to get you up and operating fast and efficiently.

Is Magento the right platform for you?

Whether or not Magento 2.0 is the right platform for you is entirely dependent on your company and the products you offer. If you have a large number of products and categories, or if you want the site to provide a unique experience, such as allowing customers to design or develop their products with various components and variants, Magento may be the ideal platform for you. Your budget and revenue goals might also help you choose the right platform. If you're unclear about which eCommerce platform is best for your company, please contact us.

Shopify Development

We like to blow our own trumpet occasionally... we've been recognized as Shopify experts in the North for our outstanding work helping retailers boost their online sales via this leading platform.

We get to know your company and work as an extension of your team to create a custom Shopify shop that matches your goals and provides the highest return on investment. We are a premier eCommerce firm led by a team of veteran online retail entrepreneurs, so we can understand your needs through the perspective of both an online retailer and expert eCommerce design specialists. We can give an intuitive solution complete with a unique design that delivers for your brand. We don't only make websites for the here and now. We focus on a solution that will last, fulfilling both your company's immediate needs and long-term objectives.

Is Shopify the right platform for you?

It is entirely dependent on your business, its products, and your budget whether Shopify or Shopify Plus is the ideal platform for you. Shopify is a great platform for eCommerce firms with a modest number of SKUs who want a nicely designed website as well as a slick and straightforward checkout experience. If you're unclear about which eCommerce platform is best for your company, contact our team of specialists and we'll steer you on the right path.

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